Working Until You Are Middle Age

doing what you dislike
every day wondering about your work
perhaps able to do what you think you want

at my typewriter i think of you
writing as i touch you the days never come
when we understand each other
meeting only to be content
we avoid other problems

you talk of cuba and women's rights
i complain of traveling in america
of the coffee and pistol in the back seat
of the car listening with your back

we question what is between us
literature that hides my walls behind books
and prints
the talking of people with different values

the country where you live is brown and bare
quiet enough for you to live
but the family you care about you think i will
question and dislike

your parents will enter another life
i ask you to rise out of yours
as i have left mine somewhere
in Cambridge thinking of you

: : Sam Cornish, Sam's World (1978)

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