Driving to Work

Six of you cram into Hopko’s Mustang every Tuesday
into Hrishin’s Nova Thursday, into Bevsky’s Duster
Wednesday. Monday you ride a Pontiac
and Friday you drive the Olds, room
for all and lunch pails, three stacked in back
sleeping the hour drive 5:45 for the 7 a.m. shift
sleeping stacked that way the hour drive home at 3,

and every day you go the same route through Chunk
the edge of Dutch country on down the Lehigh River
through the gap until you reach the city on the other side
and see the smoke rise from your stacks, see the orange light
riding up the towers of your stacks, and every day you look behind
at 3:15 to see the smoke a little darker where you have stacked the coals.

:: Bim Angst, in Beloit Poetry Journal (No. 30, Summer 1980)

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