Housekeeping Articles

Living out of the World, the Brothers and Sisters,
By wide-awake industry, made and sold:

Baskets, sieves, brooms, whisks, butter prints,
Curles maple tubs, buckets and coolers,
Butter bowls and trays, rocking-chairs (spring-seat,
Rush bottom, and cane), sheep-skin mats and rugs,
Chair cushions, kitchen tables, step-ladders,
Clothes horses, clothes lines, clothes hampers
And baskets, washboards, wash stands and benches,
Lemon squeezers, wheelbarrows, rolling pins,
Pin boards, barrel covers, knife boxes, cradles,
Herbs, garden seeds, thread spools, carpet hammers,
Sugar hammers, diaper, and rocking horses.

:: Karl Patten, Touch: Poems

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