Letter to the Cracker Company

Forgive my clumsy writing, but
I am old. My fingers, and
I used to take pride
but hope you can read this.

I don’t eat much, the cat even
ran away. You could see
in her eyes when she looked up
when there wasn’t enough.

But I still buy them still
three blocks away, not far
but when you are old
it is a long way to go

to return crackers
when they are crumbled
when I open the package
already all crumbled

and my table is small
so a lot spills on the floor
and now even the cat.
I know it is not your fault

sometime crushed on delivery
trucks or the shelf but my table
is small and I am too old
to take anything back.

:: J Allyn Rosser, Bright Moves (1990)

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